Furusjøen rundt-Run

The youth made their mark during the Furusjøen Rundt-run

9. September 2019

The smallest possible margin in the settlement of the Triple.

In many ways, this year's edition of the Furusjøen Rundt-run became the youth day.

8 km Furusjøen Rundt-run

Right from the start, the young boy from Tormod Skilag, Markus Bryan Grøthe (14), accelerated and gained a few meters of lead after only a few hundred meters.With high speed, young Grøthe kept going all the way to the finish and won with the time of 34 minute - and set a new track record for the 8 km run.

Three minutes behind Grøthe followed Stein Olav Snesrud (pictured left). Snesrud is perhaps for most people known as Petter Northug's personal ski waxer, and more recently as the waxing manager for the Norwegian national team in cross-country skiing.

In the place behind Snesrud followed Stig Pettersen, who improved his personal best time at 8 kilometers, and ran in at 38:31.

In the women's run, big sister Kaja Jeanne Grøthe followed up and ran in to a great 3rd place, with the time 43:07. Kaja had to be beaten by the ladies from Otta.

Veronica Wolf ran into women's best time of 41:18. A fast time that held to a great 8th place overall.
In second place was Linda Storli (also from Otta) at 42:46.0.

Markus Bryan Grøthe

18 km Furusjøen Rundt-run

At the 18 km run it was difficult to point to some favorites before the start. There was also excitement about how the settlement in the triple would go.

In the women's class it was the skiers who dominated.

Ragnhild Haukåen (K20) (pictured right), Ringebu-Fåvang Skiklubb, became the best woman with the time 1:22:43.

Ragnhild won 59 seconds before Hege Skari (K45), Lillehammer Skiklubb.

Guri Lillehaug (K25) followed up in third place.

In the men's class, a small group of 6 men quickly crystallized. In the end, it only was 15 seconds between 1st and 2nd place.

From Byåsen IL/YT the young boy, Magnus Drøyvold (M18), got the victory on the Furusjøen Rund-run, with the time 1:08:29. Magnus won by 15 seconds margin on Øyvind Wiger (M40) from Modum Friidrettsklubb.

In third place came, Sigurd Sollien Hulbak, Hemsedal IL (M20),  with thw time 1:11:43.

Furusjøen Rundt-Triple

As it became clear that Magnus Drøyvold was going to win the Furusjøen Rundt-run, there was excitement if the boy would be able to win the entire Furusjøen Rundt-triple.

Earlier this year Magnus has gone 45 km skiing in 2:33:36.9 and cycled 70 km in 3:04:28.9. Magnus was in third place in the totals - 7 minutes and 5 seconds behind his own father, Terje Drøyvold (M50), who led the triple before the run. In between in second place they had Asbjørn Oppegaard (M60), Aurskog Høland Friidrettslag.

Terje Drøyvold (M50) became the 7th in the Furusjøen Rundt-run, beaten by his son with 6 minutes and 46 seconds.
With the smallest possible margin, Terje landed this year's triple with 19.6 seconds margin!
They were followed on the podium by Jørn Petter Kolås Ryen, who came in a total of 14 minutes behind.

This years Triple winners

On the women's side, only one lady completed all three competitions, but the effort is no less impressive for that reason.
Anne Karin Røken (K35) from Toten-Kranken CK completed all three competitions in total time of 9:31:25.9.


All photos: Fotoalbum Furusjøen Rundt-løpet 2019

Pictures from Furusjøen Rundt-run September 7, 2019. Feel free to use, tag yourself and share our photos.
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How much can the body endure? Iver Grytting likes to test boundaries and, for the second time, he ran barefooted his 18 kilometers on 1: 22: 36.0. Photo: Per Fredriksen.

Veronica Wolf, winner 8 km woman. Photo: Per Fredriksen

Marit Jørgensen, Kolbotn Sykkelklubb, is convinced that exercise is medicine. Only days after taking chemotherapy for breast cancer, she ran the 8 km under 1 hour. - It's good for body and soul, says Marit, who hopes to inspire others to get out and exercise. Photo: Per Fredriksen.

Nord-Fron kommune`s TFF department, is an inspiration to everyone. Here is Jan Tore Klomstad with Sigrid Willa. Photo: Per Fredriksen.

Furusjøen Rundt-run is fun! Photo: Per Fredriksen.

Several young runners impressed. Photo: Per Fredriksen.

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