Furusjøen rundt-MTB MARATHON

Still unclear whether the Furusjøen Rundt MTB can be arranged

9. May 2020

New information is expected before May 17

Photo: Per Fredriksen

It will not be a normal Furusjøen Rundt MTB race.
As a responsible organizer, we must adapt and arrange within the current rules for infection control.

The preliminary timeline:

  • May 7 - Event for 50 people including organizer staff
  • May 11 - Guide to how activities can be customized
  • June 15 - Event for 200 people including organizer staff
  • For now, the borders are closed to foreign nationals, but the authorities are working to open borders to some countries

Until September 1, it is not possible to arrange a larger event.

Sports activity must ensure that the infection protection is maintained:

  • at least 1 meter distance, also for the public and organizer staff
  • no access to eg shared wardrobe/shower
  • when serving/food-/drink stations / kiosk etc follow the health authorities' infection control measures
  • general hygiene routines for the event.

We are awaiting a supervisor how the sport can adapt its activities to the new regulations.
This supervisor is prepared by a specialist committee with representatives from the Directorate of Health, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, the Norwegian Sports Federation, and several special associations. The supervisor must be ready by 11 May.

We are also expecting some more clarifications in the week to come, and that before 17 May we have enough information to know if, and possibly how, this year's Furusjøen Rundt MTB can be arranged.

We are still cautious optimists!

Weather at Kvamsfjellet
Postboks 61
2642 Kvam
Org.nr: 913 776 909
Phone: 909 49 647
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