6 July 2024
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Mountain biking in adventurous surroundings at Rondane on Kvamsfjellet.
Paths and challenges of varying difficulty from the toughest mountain biker to a kinder seeding course, to youth- and family rides.

Løypetrase 32km
Løypetrase 57km
Løypetrase 70km
Løypetrase 73km
Start og mål
Mat- og drikkestasjoner
Bra publikumsplass
21 km
60 km
65 km
77 km
UCI MTB Marathon Series
Friday 5 July
Sport 1 Ringebu
Sport 1 Vinstra
Unofficial training in the courses
Saturday 6 July
Team Meeting Hotel Rondablikk
Race Office open
See starting times
Different races
Approx. 13:20
First rider finish Furusjøen Rundt 21 km
Approx. 13:25
First rider finish Furusjøen Rundt-rittet 65 km
Approx. 14:00
Official award ceremony Furusjøen Rundt-ritt 21 and 65 km
Approx. 14:05
First rider finish NorgesCup Elite, 77 km
Approx. 15:00
Official award ceremony NorgesCup Elite 77 km
Venue closes (after last rider)
Course description

77 km NorgesCup Elite, 65 km Furusjøen Rundt-MTB Marathon | MastersCup, Juniors Active

- seeding to BirkebeinerrittetGrenserittet and CykleVasan

The adventure in Rondane starts quietly on gravel roads down to beautiful Furusjøen, up through Hovde, down the Bergemillomsvalley close to Rondane National Park.
The first challenge comes after 13.6 km.
At just over 9 km, the course rises by 422 ascent until you reach the top of Krøkla, 1.162 m.a.s.
For those who take the time, you can enjoy a fantastic view of Rondane and Jotunheimen. Here is the first food station.
If it is heavy up, it is correspondingly easy down.

NorgesCup Elite (Men and Women) take off an own course (77 km) after the foodstation at Krøkla, and race a path until they meet the 65 km course again.

The course continues past Aftstjønn and through a beautiful landscape up to Gravdalen. This is the course`s second terrain challenge of 3.5 km.
From snowy mountains and through the forest you reach Tjønnsætra and the second food station.
Here the course goes on fast forest trails, terrain and gravel towards Tjønnmorka. Into the terrain  towards Kringsætrin and the third foodstation.

Then the course turns towards Smukksjøen and the course's other long terrain part down again to Furusjøen.

The last part of the course goes up Haugseter past the Rondablikk Hotell and into the finish at Rudland Fjellsenter.

NorgesCup Elite, rounds at the stadium and cycles the 21 km course in addition.

Length 65 km.
Total climb 1.003 m.
Path/terrain 30 km.
Gravel 33 km.
Asphalt 600 m.
Stipulated winner time approx. 2:25

Food-/drink stations:
Krøkla 1.155 m.a.s. - 20 km.
Tjønnsætra 916 m.a.s. - 39 km.
Kringsætrin 869 m.a.s. – 54 km.

The profile is specially adapted to the exercise and the Birken enthusiast. We have received very good feedback, and more and more bikers are participating. It is not without reason that we call this the Adventure in Rondane.
Varied difficulty levels on the terrain and the paths make this ride a challenge that many find fun. The course`s have been improved in 2014, 2016 and 2022.

21 km - Furusjøen Rundt

Youth 13-16 years| Exercise | Trim- and Family

The race starts at Rudland Fjellsenter, follows the road on asphalt for 1 km towards Rondaplassen, from here the course crosses on a beautiful dirt road towards Tjønnmorka.
Then it goes on a path towards Kringsæter. From here it turns towards Smukksjøen with a great view of the Rondane and Furusjøen.
This is the longest terrain section of the course and ends down at Furusjøen.

The last part of the course goes up over Haugseter and into the finish at Rudland Fjellsenter.

Length 21 km.
Total climb 347 m.
Stipulated winner time approx. 0:55

Food-/drink stations:
Kringsætrin 869 m.a.s. - 10 km.

This is not a technically demanding course. The course provides a good cycling experience and it has great variety in the terrain parties. The terrain areas are relatively dry and the paths are good.

Rules and regulations

We want everyone to have a positive experience with the Furusjøen Rundt ride, and ask that everyone familiarize themselves with the regulations. We follow NCF`s and UCI`s rules


All registration is done via the online registration on our website. The registration is binding. Once the registration and payment have been confirmed and registered, the participant will be listed on our official start lists. If you make changes after registered registration that result in a reduced price, the excess will not be refunded.

Personal information:

The registration also gives us the right to use information related to the participant's name, club, class and results on the internet.Registration also means that images can be posted on our websites, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other image/video bases. The images are placed in our photo archive and may be re-used by the organizer or third party in connection with our websites, newsletters, reports, advertisements and other advertising activities.

Illness/injury/unfortunate circumstances:

In accordance with general rules for scheduled events, no refund will be given if the ticket is not used. This also applies to illness. Check with your own insurance company that you may be covered by your home insurance.


If cancellation of our event before the event day, the organizer can retain 50% of the starting fee to cover expenses. If the event must be moved to another location on the same date, or canceled to be performed at a later date, or to be moved to another location on a new date, those who were registered to the original date, but who does not re-start a new date does not require repayment of any part of the starting fee.

In case of cancellation during the event day due to sudden weather/climatic conditions or other "force majeure", the organizer retains the starting fee.

Participant responsibility:

Participants are responsible for ensuring that all personal information is correct.

Participants are responsible for ensuring that information in the registration corresponds to the choice of course and class.

Participants are responsible for removing their participant envelope well in advance of their own start (at least one hour before the start).

Participants may be required to provide identification when collecting the starting number.

It is forbidden to start in a pool other than the one you have been awarded.

All participants must make sure to attach the starting number with chip according to the instructions:

Starting numbers are fixed at the front of the bike and should be visible throughout the ride.

For NM and the UCI Mountain Bike Marathon Series, the starting number must also be affixed to the back.

All participants ride on their own responsibility and are required to follow the applicable traffic laws on public roads.

Otherwise, the organizer's marking and instructions must be followed from start to finish.

All participants should act as good athletes and in no way impede other participants.

Cycling under the name of another person is strictly prohibited.

All participants must wear a CE approved helmet throughout the ride.

It is not allowed to change bicycles along the way, use a companion car or otherwise receive assistance to propel (push or pull) by outsiders.

Participants cannot use earplugs with sound for safety reasons.

Participants are responsible for the loss or damage of bicycles or other equipment. Dilution of nature is strictly prohibited. Only marked waste zones should be used.
Drainage is punished with 10 minutes extra in time.

All riders must have a valid license. NB! The license does not apply to those who are not members of the National Insurance Scheme or are 80 years of age or older.

All participants from the age of 13 must have a valid license (active or one-time license) and are thus also insured by the organizer in accordance with NCF's regulations. Also applies to trim/family classes.

Practitioners with a full year license must bring a license card when picking up the starting number. (If this cannot be shown, wait time must be calculated.)


Violation of one or more of the above conditions may result in disqualification.

Maximum hours:

Participants who arrive at the designated place after the expiry of the deadline will be removed from the race:

All tourraces:

Passing Fv. 419 towards Tjønnmorka. Maximum hour 15.15.

The participant may proceed without starting number/timing bibs and beyond the organizer's responsibility.

Nature and waste:

Rondane and Kvamsfjellet has a beautiful but vulnerable nature. It is important for us as organizers to make sure that Furusjøen Rundt does not destroy this.
BE AN ENVIRONMENT FRIEND - USE Waste/Drop Zones at the Drinking Stations.
There is zero tolerance for littering along the course. Drainage is punished with 10 minutes extra in time.

Did not Finish (DNF) or injuries:

All riders are encouraged to report to the Race Office immediately if they break the ride. You do this by contacting the nearest security post. This is so that we have an overview of all riders, and to be able to provide service to relatives etc.


If you discover injured persons during the ride, report this to the nearest official or Red Cross personnel. Try to get the extent of the damage and the location of the injury site. If necessary, call the Red Cross emergency number. The phone number is on the back of your starting number.

Entry fee and license

The license is mandatory for participating in all types of rides, and comes in addition to the starting fee.

Please note that the absolute latest registration deadline for NC/UCI Elite and NC Master is Monday 1 July 2024.

Registration fee
Before and to 31.05.2024
Registration fee
01.06 - 03.07.2024
Registration fee
04.07 - 06.07.2024
65 km
Furusjøen Rundt
21 km
Furusjøen Rundt 21 km
65 km
Juniors Active
77 km
NC Elite
Elite: Registration fee 01.07.
Elite: F.o.m 02.07.2024
60 km
21 km
Furusjøen Rundt Youth
13-16 years
21 km
Furusjøen Rundt Trim

To sign a full year/active license you must be a member of a cycling club registered with NCF. Anyone who has paid full-year license/active license in the registration can be required proof upon retrieval of the starting number.

  • - Children under the age of 13 are covered through child sports license.
  • - People who turn 80 in the competition year cannot redeem a license.

Information about license: Norges Cykleforbund - om lisens

Full year-/aktive license:

With active license (resolved through your club), you can participate in all types of rides. In order to participate in active rides over the age of 16, a full-year license must be issued.

License for foreign nationals:

Cyclists residing in Norway and are foreign nationals, must be licensed through their Norwegian club. Foreign participants must apply for a one-time license with the organizer if they have not approved a license from their association.

One-time license:

Purchased from the organizer of bike rides and only applies to that ride.

Race One-time license
65 km, 21 km

Registration fee 499,- and under

Registration fee 500,- and over



Youth license 13 - 16 years 50,-
Trim license Trim race under 70 km 60,-
Award ceremony

In addition to the awards below, we have a number of withdrawal prizes given by our sponsors and partners.
Withdrawal premiums are collected on the prize table. Notice of winners on the information board at the stadium.

NorgesCup ELITE, 77 km, Women and Men
1. prize
2. prize
3. prize
NOK 3 000,-
NOK 2 000,-
NOK 1 000,-
65 km Juniors Women and Men
1. prize
2. prize
3. prize
NOK 1 000,- gift card Sport 1
NOK 750,- gift card Sport 1
NOK 500,- gift card Sport 1
65 km Furusjøen Rundt in total Women and Men
1. prize
2. prize
3. prize
Gift prize
Gift prize
Gift prize
MastersCup 65 km per class
Gift prize
21 km Furusjøen Rundt in total Women and Men
1. prize
2. prize
3. prize
Gift prize
Gift prize
Gift prize
Furusjøen Rundt 21 and 65 km per class
Gift prize
21 km Furusjøen Rundt Youth 13-16 years Women and Men
1. prize
2. prize
3. prize
All up to and include 14 years
Gift prize
Gift prize
Gift prize
Gift prize
Furusjøen Rundt EL-bike 21 or 65 km
Gift prize

Prizes is not forwarded.

In accordance with the rules for MTB amateurs, cash prizes or other negotiable prizes for placement are not allowed, but may give a type of memory prize.


What is seeding?
Seeding is that you get comparable results from some given rides, where you are then set up in starting pools where the participants have approximately equal capacity and are more even. It is to create the most flow and rhythm in the ride.Furusjøen Rundt offers good opportunities to get good results and ensure good seeding and starting pool.

Furusjøen Rundt are seeding for the following rides:

65 km Furusjøen Rundt Birkebeinerrittet
Qualifying Race:
21 km Furusjøen Rundt Youth UngdomsBirken cycling

Read more about how seeding is with each ride organizer.

Vasaloppet Seeding
Grenserittet Seeding
Birken Seeding


Saturday 8 July

77 km
77 km
11:00 MastersCup Women
60 km
11:00 MastersCup Men
60 km
11:15 MTB Marathon Juniors Women
65 km
11:15 MTB Marathon Juniors Men
65 km
11:15 Furusjøen Rundt, seeding race, pool start every 5 min
65 km
12:30 Furusjøen Rundt 21 km
21 km

Subject to change, and some low-participation groups may be merged.

Feed- and drink zones

There are several food/drink stations along the way, depending on which ride you attend.
We also have a simple bike service at each food/drink station, should the accident occur.

Feeding stations Contents Distance
Fuel of Norway KRØKLA Sportsdrink and water
57 km
45 km
40 km
45 km
Fuel of Norway TJØNNSÆTRA Sportsdrink and water
46 km
26 km
26 km
26 km
Fuel of Norway KRINGSÆTRIN Sportsdrink and water
31 km og 11 km
11 km
11 km
11 km
11 km
Fuel of Norway FINISH Sportsdrink and water
salty potato chips
Tomato soup w/Eventyrbrød
20 km og 0 km
0 km
0 km
0 km
0 km

Be an environmental friend - use the rubbish bins at the food stations. Refers to other race regulations.


The following classes must have resolved the full year license issued by the National Bicycle Association connected to UCI:

Men Juniors 17-18 years,
Women Juniors 17-18 years,

Masters Men
30-34 / 35-39 / 40-44 / 45-49 / 50-54 / 55-59 / 60-64 / 65-69 / 70+

Masters Women
30-34 / 35-39 / 40-44 / 45-49 / 50-54 / 55-59 / 60-64 / 65-69 / 70+

All classes below can choose a one-time license or have a full year license:

65 km Furusjøen Rundt, classes from M/W 17-18 years, and all older classes

21 km Furusjøen Rundt, classes from M/W 13-14 years, 15-16 years, and all older classes

Suits: Participants in NC Elite and MastersCup must put on a suit approved by their own club and NCF. Practitioners posing for their national teams must pose in the national costume, approved by the UCI.

The venue

Rudland Fjellsenter is the location for the stadium. The adress is Breiensdokka 9, 2642 Kvam, Norway (Google maps).

Large toilet van
Wardrobe tent in the stadium
Wardrobe with shower at Rondablikk Hotell
Wardrobe with shower in the clubhouse in Kvam Idrettspark, free (12 km from the stadium)
Free parking
Kiosk sales
Large serving tent; serving of soup w/Eventurbrød to all participants
Race Office in the serving tent
Bike Wash

Race Office

The Race Office is located in the Start-/Finish area:

Rudland Fjellsenter (google maps)
Breiensdokka 9
2642 Kvam

Saturday race day:  From 09.00
Distribution of BIBs with timer chip and participant prize.
Late registration, only on website, until one hour before start.


Pool start every 5 minut, with max. 100 bikers in each pool.
The pools are set up based on self-seeding based on the estimated end time.

Estimated end-time:

2:15 - 2:45

2:46 - 3:05

3:06 - 3:25

3:26 - 3:45

3:46 - 4:15

4:16 or more

The choice is part of the basis for which pool you start in the Furusjøen Rundt race (the above intervals will be merged into appropriate pools for the start). If you do not have a need / desire for seeding, select "no seeding" and be placed in an arbitrary pool.

If you have no idea about the probable end time, you can check earlier results

In case of late registration, we reserve the right to full pools, and that you must calculate and start in the first available pool even if you should have had an assumed better finish time than others in the race.

Contact race management

General: post@furusjoenrundt.no

Race Director:

Ole Kristian Rudland, tlf.: +47 909 49 698, e-mail; ok@rudland.no

Furusjøen Rundt leader:

Anette Lunde, tlf.: +47 909 49 647, e-mail; anette@furusjoenrundt.no


Ole Petter Brendstuen, tlf.: +47 907 78 999, e-mail; post@kvamil.no


SK: Coming

Jury: Coming

Time tables
Start Fuel of Norway Krøkla Fuel of Norway Tjønnsetra Tjønnmorka Fuel of Norway Kringsætrin Vassmillom Finish/passing
NorgesCup Elite Men, 77 km
11:00 11:45 12:20 12:35 12:50 and 13:50 - 13:20 and 14:05
NorgesCup Elite Women, 77 km
11:00 11:55 12:45 13:05 13:25 and 14:25 - 14:00 and 14:55
MastersCup Men 30+, 60 km
11:00 11:50 12:30 12:50 13:10 - 13:35
MastersCup Woman 30+, 60 km
11:00 12:05 12:55 13:20 13:40 - 14:20
Men Juniors, 65 km
11:15 11:45 12:25 12:35 12:55 - 13:20
Woman Juniors, 65 km
11:15 12:10 13:00 13:20 13:45 - 14:25
Furusjøen Rundt-rittet, 65 km
Pole start every 5 minute
11:55 12:30 12:50 13:00 - 13:35
Furusjøen Rundt, 21 km Youth 13-16 years Exercise
12:30 - - 12:40 12:50 - 13:20
Blocking time 15:15 17:00

You will find invitations below (in norwegian only).
Please note that this are a non-dynamic documents, for changes and updated information, we refer to our website.

Invitasjon Furusjøen Rundt-rittet 2024 (pdf) - Coming

Weather at Kvamsfjellet
Postboks 61
2642 Kvam
Org.nr: 913 776 909
Phone: 909 49 647
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