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Furusjøen Rundt Ski + Visma Ski Classics Challengers = True

11. October 2019

After sporting and financial success at this summer's European Championships, we continue internationally!

Step by step. Stone by stone.

Small, safe steps forward on the road to becoming "the best" organizer.
Furusjøen Rundt has worked purposefully over many years and has delivered, in all modesty, good, sporting events.

We are far from the biggest. We don't want to be the biggest. We work to be the best.
The sporting, fair play, respect and generosity of the athlete is the first.

This summer we organized the European Championships in mountain biking, and we proved to ourselves that we are good enough to continue with an international effort on the road to the top of the best.

An European Championship is demanding, and we managed to deliver a good sporting event. The best were crowned European Champions in a race that was demanding, scary, fun, steep and fast-paced.

We also managed to arrange a championships on a bike without a economic loss!

Therefore, Furusjøen Rundt is now entering into a partnership with Visma Ski Classics and will be part of the new long distance cross-country Visma Ski Classics Challengers.

Read the press release from Visma Ski Classic:

Visma Ski Classics enters its 10th season, Season X, and launches the new Challengers.

What is Visma Ski Classics Challengers?

Visma Ski Classics is the leading in long distance cross country skiing.
The Visma Ski Classics Pro Tour, currently known as the Visma Ski Classics, is the international long distance championship for Pro Teams limited to 13 events per season to have the best athletes participating in all races.
Pro Tour also has high demands on TV production and prize money which makes it difficult for new and smaller budget events to participate.

See also: Visma Ski Classics launch challengers

The new Visma Ski Classics Challengers series offers the opportunity for new events to be a part of Visma Ski Classics. Rules have been set so that Visma Ski Classics Pro Team skiers can also compete in Challengers events.
There will be a dynamic between the Pro Tour and the Challengers series, where events can be moved between each other.

See also: Schedule Visma Ski Classics Events

Visma Ski Classic Ranking

Challengers results will be included in the Visma Ski Classics Ranking.
The Visma Ski Classics ranking is calculated from the last 24 months of results.
The ranking determines the starting position of Pro Tour events and also shows the athletes comparable level. The ranking will also be open to exercise skiers.

See the Ranking system: Vismaskiclassics.com/Rules

We are delighted to be part of the Visma Ski Classics family!

We open the registration for Furusjøen Rundt Visma Ski Classics Challengers approx. October 15, 2019!

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