Furusjøen rundt-MTB MARATHON

Furusjøen Rundt - MTB Marathon 2021

10. July 2021

The adventure in Rondane 10/07/2021.

Winners NM Elite Women

  1. Elisabeth Sveum
  2. Hedda Brenningen Bjørklund
  3. Dorthe Larsen


Winners NM Elite Men

  1. Emil Hasund Eid
  2. Knut Røhme
  3. Mats Tuubas Glende


Winners Junior Women

  1. Oda Kristine Aanestad
  2. Vilma Halstenstad Stovner
  3. Vilde Brønstad


Winners Junior Men

  1. Sondre Rokke
  2. Martin Mobråten
  3. Sverre Schøyen Stiansen

The Women Junior and Furusjøen Rundt was the last to start the race at 12:00

Pictures from start NM Women Elite and Master 11:10

Pictures from start NM Master Men and Junior 11:06 (1 minute delayed start)

Pictures from start NM Men 11:00

The rain continues and the second pool has taken off at 11:00 with 5 minute intervals.

It starts to rain at the stadium as soon as the first pool takes off from the starting line. Next out is NM Men Elite (11:00) followed by NM Master Men 40 years + and Men Junior (11:05), and NM Women Elite and Master Women (11:10).

NM Masters and Pathfinder are scheduled to start at 10:00 and are the first pool out.

It's ready for the adventure in Rondane, participants are already in the process of warming up and preparing.

Still possible re-registration at the stadium, welcome to this year's ride!

You can watch the race live here:



32 KM and 12 KM are left out this year because of Covid.

Weather forecast at 09:00 - 09:30

Cloudy + 12 ° degrees on Rondaplassen today, calm winds.

The post is being continuously updated

Weather at Kvamsfjellet
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